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Pharmacy has, over the years has made so many miraculous inventions that it had become one of the most honoured professions on a global scale. India, being one of the countries having the most advanced and largest pharmaceutical industries all across the globe. Indian Pharmaceutical industry employs millions of people and also make it a point to the pharmacy is available to those who need it at their convenience and at affordable pricing. India every type of drug from the pain killers to drug for cancer is available. Over the Years with several researches and scientific findings has made the industry to grow at a faster pace.

Essential oils have played an important role in the pharmaceutical industry because of their ability to treat diseases without incurring upon any side effects. These oils are even a healthier option to be used in the pharmaceutical industry for the overall human health. They show their effect by getting absorbed in the skin and the inhalation process effectively deals with the psychological and physical health of the individual. Ample example can be cited to prove the worth of natural plant materials treating diseases both mental and physical. Not only are topically healthier and helpful to use but they have also been at their best from last many centuries. Essential oils based pharmaceutical products help extraordinarily in the treatment of inflammation, in protection against bruises, treating various bacterial infections and many more.

Besides being the harbinger of hope that relieves you from pain and the disease you have been suffering from, the odour it contains affects memory, thinking, emotions and learning in the best way. Essential oils may also be used to treat deadly diseases like depression and can do the work of tranquilizer without causing any problem. There is countless number of benefits of essential oils based medicines for them having Cell regeneration, wound healing, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal property. An ultimate ingredient of the pharmaceutical industry for the holistic skin care is Angelica Root oil which helps in the treating ailments like water retention, gout ad exhaustion.

A wide variety of usage of essential oils has been found in the formulation of drugs to treat a number of diseases. Some of them are:


The antimicrobial, anti-asthmatic and carminative properties of the agarwood oil helps in the treatment of epilepsy. Beside that it also helps in the treatment of nervous disorder, rheumatism and helps in easy digestion of food.


This oil helps in the treatment of diseases like bowel disorders, congested skin, asthma, bronchitis, apathy, catarrhal conditions, digestive problems and many more.


This oil helps in the treatment of number of diseases some of which include arthritis, nervous depression, muscular aches & pains, inflammation, sprains, bronchitis and many more.


Clove oil is often suggested by experts for the treatment of minor pain particularly the dental pain. Besides that they are also helpful for treating colds and flu.

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