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Confectionary sums up as chocolates and sweets considered together! They are generally the items which are high on the content of sugar and they may also include cakes, pastries, toffees, chocolates, gums etc. The confectionary industry is believed to have a market share of about 1400cr and the market is growing at a fast pace of 9% every year. The confectionary industry has broadly divided into four types which include Sugar confectionary, chocolate confectionary, cereal confectionary and gum confectionary. It has been particularly the favourite industry of children but adults are also an important part of the industry. The industry is industry is evolving everyday in change in the taste of people. Confectionary items not only are good choice for the quenching the thrust of taste buds abut are also great choice for the purpose of gifting.

Essential oils are one very important ingredient of confectionary items including digestive food, chocolate based candies, toffees and hard-boiled sweets. We at Neoessentialoils.com, provide the most exotic essential oils used in the production of confectionary products. We provide essential oils which also act as effective preservative and the best thing is thing about them are that they are natural and pure. They protect the consumer from the harmful effects of the confectionary products. In addition to adding taste and fragrance, these essential oils also are beneficial for the good health of the consumer. They help enhancing the immune system and are helpful in preventing diseases.

Neoessentialoils.com is a platform which is conveniently providing to its customers a wide variety of oils which are used to produce chocolate, pastries, toffees, pastries, cakes and many other items. An oil called Annise oil is particularly used to add to the flour of cookies and cakes. Others, for example, Cinnamon Bark Oil, Nutmeg Oil, Fructose Crystalline and Ajowan seed Oil, for the natural flavour of the oils are used in various other confectionary items. Some other essential oils are also used as a substitute for sugar and help us keep away from the harmful effects of sugar by adding their natural taste. Some of them include Saccharine Lactitol, Aspartame, Erythritol and various others.

There are a wide variety of essential oils which can be used in the confectionary industry which help the consumer in keeping with god health. Here is a precise list of some of those important essential oils used in the confectionary industry:

Anise Oil- The presence of these oils in the confectionary products, helps in curing cough, flu, bronchitis, muscle aches, rheumatism, flatulence, cold and many more.

Lemongrass Oil- These oils are very helpful in fighting the pain of migraine and other types of headaches. They are also cure arthritis and rheumatism.

Vanilla Oil- This oil helps in adding aroma to confectionary products. These being aromatherapy in nature enhances the aroma of the wherever they are added.

Fennel Oil- These oils are essentially very helpful in fighting digestion related problems which include constipation, vomiting, hiccups, flatulence and many more.

Cumin Seed Oil- they are used in a number of food products.