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At Neoessentialoils.com, we are dealing with supplying to our customers with products which are of high value and which contains various unique herbs whose fragrance needs to be preserved for the fragrance plays a very important role. And therefore, in order to maintain the quality of the product at any cost we deploy various methods which are technically sound and we do it using special techniques. To make sure that there isn’t any problem with the packaging material, we only make use of international packaging material and we do the packaging only from certified and trusted packaging vendors which follow the standard guidelines.


In order to make the best packaging for our products and to make sure that our esteemed customers do not have to suffer any inconvenience, we make use of robust and high quality of bottles of various shapes and sizes which look attractive enough to create a feel good factor. The various products available with us are packed in sizes of 180 ml, 250ml and alike. Besides that, on the request of the customers we also make use of customized packaging containers as per their choice. With Neoessentialoils.com we also have provision for our respected customer’s customized designing of the packaging which can include brand name, sizes and shapes.

We have a team of some highly disciplined manpower so as to make the delivery of the products in a time bound manner and with least loss incurred to the customers with proper delivery of the consignment. Not only we deliver the products on time but also we have some of the experts in packaging who are expert in doing the through the packaging in a large quantity and on short notice. We are here to help our customers with bulk supply of oils as well as supply of essential oils in small quantity. Our expert team is capable of delivering of around 18, 000 litres of essential oils including floral oil, traditional Indian Attars, hydrosols, fragrant essential oils, Base oils, carrier oils and various others.

Apart from taking care of the quantity and quality of delivery we also take of the fact that the packaging should be done in the manner that the products are adroitly packed in stylish and attractive packaging material. The look should be taken care of the style of the bottles being used for packaging of the essential oils. We do the overall packaging of the products making sure that the aroma and the freshness of these aromatic products are not lost for a long period of time. The packaging is done in a manner that it can conveniently tolerate the variations and the extremities of the effects of nature like temperature and weather. It is also made sure that during the transportation of the product least damage is caused to the actual essence of the essential oils

In nut shell, doing through the packaging of the products for our esteemed customers, our aim is to keep the content of the supply, safe, fresh and clean. We also include such features with our products so as to add on to the convenience, sale, use and reuse of the products.