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Essential Oils

Neo Essential Oils welcomes you to the wonderful world of essential oils and other naturally manufactured products for a healthier you. Established in 2016, the Company aims at promoting a healthier living among people through its best quality natural products which are away from any side effects. Primarily dealing in premium quality natural essential oils, Traditional Indian Attars, Spice Oils, Organic Oils, Carrier Oils and more cater to Aromatherapy, Food Flavours, cosmetics, spa, perfume and many other industries. Manufacturing 100% pure and natural products from the fresh plant botanicals using well-known extraction processes, we ensure that maximum health benefits can be derived from our extensive line of products that are just a click away from your fingertips...

Why Essential Oil

Naturally Processed

Use of chemical-free processes for essential oils extraction


Relaxes the mind and senses with soothing fragrances

100% Pure & Natural

Made from 100% fresh plant parts without adulteration

Health-Friendly Plants

Obtained from beneficial plants for long-term health benefits

Safe Packaging

Glass bottle packing to intact quality


Safe for topical use when diluted with carrier oils

What Our Customer says