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Q. Is it required to open an account for browsing or shopping through the website?

A. Although, you will not require opening an account while browsing though the website, nevertheless after you have done the requisite research on the particular product and the company offering it, you will need to open an account for ordering the product online at the portal of the supplier who might not be offering cash on delivery service.

Q. What are essential oils?

A. Essential oils, also called as Aromatherapy oils are exceedingly volatile and concentrated in nature and are the aromatic extracts of various types of plants. These highly pure oils are formed by careful cultivation of widely grown plants from different geographic regions throughout the world.

Q. What are carrier oils?

A. Carrier oils which are also known as base oils and vegetable oils find its key application in aromatherapy as they help in the dilution of absolutes and essential oils. Besides that, they also find their application in massaging and in manufacturing of some soap. There are a wide variety of carrier oils and their uses depend upon the therapeutic benefits it carries.

Q. Are the organic oils being offered by the enlisted companies are organic?

A. Yes, we have only enlisted those companies who are offering 100% natural and pure essential oils. We also make sure that these oils are free from any chemical or pesticides and are of therapeutic grade. All the companies enlisted therein are certified and adhere to the industry defined standards.

Q. What are various uses of essential oils?

A. Essential oils can be used in various ways, some of which may include:

Massage Oil: Since essential oils are very good for its touch therapy and therapeutic powers, these oils have been extensively used in massages.

Inhalation Oil: Using this method, essential oils can be used to treat various respiratory ailments. But, those who have been suffering from epilepsy or asthma should avoid this method. This method falls under one of the best methods of experiencing the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Bathing Oil: Few drops of essential oils can be added for soothing bath. It helps in relaxing the body and the mind.

Diffuser: You can add essential oils to a diffuser to spread fragrance into the environment for its therapeutic properties.

Q. How will I feel assured that the enlisted companies in your catalogue are pure, free from pesticides and chemicals and are 100% natural?

A. We can assure for the purity of the products as we have a direct relationship with the enlisted companies and we have done a pre-screening of those companies and their products based on certain criterion. Our team make regular visit to the companies to take a look at the method of their working and to get an overview of the tools and techniques they are applying for manufacturing.

Q. How is it that your site is offering more than one type of oil under a single category?

A. Each category of oil has various varieties of oils which grown around the world. One example of such category is spice oils which has a large number of oils under the category found all around the world. We make sure to offer to our customers all ranges of products from high grade to medium grade to low grade so as to suit the needs of various kinds of the customers. Whereas low grades are used as cosmetic products, therapeutic grade oils are used by massage therapists.

Q. How is that, the enlisted companies are so reasonable?

A. We have a direct relationship with the companies and there is no other third party involved in the whole process. This facilitates the process for the buyer as well as for the seller and so the customers are able to get oils at the most affordable prices.